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From the days on the small stage as singer, performer, & entertainer, Terry Myers evolved following his passion for all things entertainment. Being in front of the camera and/or on stage was something he always found exciting. Filled with desire and commitment, Myers dove into the industry producing showcases in and around the tri-state area that featured a wide range of talented acts, some of which went on to do bigger stages, arenas, and even the big screen. From there, Myers started managing talent and had success from the start.  With his eye and knack for knowing what the audience wanted, he worked with nationally known talent often.  In order to keep up with the demand to always have fresh content, Myers dove in to develop another passion of his: photography & videography. After years of studying and being on both sides of the camera, Terry simply decided to make what he loved his business. Terry has a unique art of networking through the years as an entrepreneur, creator of TME Social Sports, one of Jersey’s largest sporting leagues. He believes it’s not who you know but who knows you. So Myers put his abilities to work with quality talent & paired that with his vision of production to deliver an empire of entertainment services to his clients.

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